Frequently asked questions

Can I come to the spa with a health insurance referral letter?

  • Yes. You need to contact your chosen doctor at your health center who will explain to you how you can get a referral letter for the Institute and who will, based on your diagnosis and place of residence, give you a proposal for outpatient or inpatient treatment.

What should I bring to the spa?

  • Be sure to bring an identity document (ID card, passport). If you have medical documentation from previous treatments, bring it. Also, if you use some medications, you should take them with you. Regarding wardrobe, bring some more comfortable things, sneakers, bathing suit.

Can I come to the spa if I do not have a health insurance referral letter – at my own expense?

  • Yes. You do not need to have a referral letter from the RHIF to be treated at the Institute. You can use the services of accommodation and therapy in the desired number of days, according to the current price list, depending on the reservation.

How many days should the treatment last?

  • Doctors recommend an optimum of 21 days of therapeutic treatment. In order to achieve the correct therapeutic effect, at least 10 therapeutic days are needed.

Is there a possibility of deferred payment?

  • If you are a pensioner of the Republic of Serbia, you have the option of paying for treatment in 6 monthly installments through an administrative ban on pension (with the last pension check and ID card), so that the installment does not exceed one third of the pension. In 3 equal monthly installments with citizens’ checks. For more information, call 018/502-010, 018/502-020, 018/502-030.

Can I pay by card?

  • Yes. We accept MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron and Dina cards. For more information, call 018/502-010, 018/502-020, 018/502-030.

Is there a possibility of payment from abroad?

  • Yes. If you want to pay from abroad, we will send a pro forma invoice in the appropriate currency (euro, dollar, chf) and payment instructions.

Can I use additional services in addition to the therapies and diagnostic procedures that are included?

  • Yes. With a doctor’s consultation, you can pay for additional therapies and diagnostic procedures that are not included in the price of our packages.

Who can use the natural factor (mud and water)?

  • Natural factor is indicated for rheumatic diseases, diseases of the bone and joint system and many other conditions. It would be best to consult with our specialist doctor to see whether the natural factor is indicated for your health condition.

Can I use the accommodation without therapy?

  • Yes. If you do not want to use therapies, you can use the services from our accommodation packages with services from the wellness center.

Can I pay for private accommodation and only use the therapies?

  • Yes. You can come for a medical examination every working day until 2 pm and have an examination, schedule therapies and use them in the desired number of days.

Do all facilities have the same content?

  • Yes. All facilities of the Institute, „Radon”, „Zelengora” and „Terme”, have their own restaurant and the therapeutic department.

Is there wireless internet and does it need to be paid?

  • Yes. Wi-Fi internet is free and all rooms within the stationary, as well as the wellness center, are covered by the wireless Internet.

Is smoking allowed in your facilities?

  • No. Within the Institute, smoking is strictly prohibited in rooms, restaurants and the therapy block.

Is there parking next to your facilities?

  • Yes. The parking is free.

Is there an exchange office in your institution?

  • No. The exchange office exists in the center of Niska Banja, near our facilities.

Is there a shop within your facility?

  • No. Shops exist in the center of Niska Banja, near our facilities.

Is there a post office within your institution?

  • No. The post office exists in the center of Niska Banja, near our facilities.

What is the climate like in Niska Banja?

  • The climate of Niska Banja has a temperate-continental climate, and the air is fresh and clean. There is considerable sunshine in the summer, but without too much heat. The breeze and forest air bring refreshment, prevent heat and make the nights pleasant. The average annual temperature in Niska Banja is 12.2° C.