• Salubrity
    Hot thermal water of Niska Banja with average temperature of 37C naturally enriched with radon gas, in combination with other therapies, help with treatment: cardiovascular diseases, all forms of high blood pressure, rheumatic diseases, then it is extremelly effective in the rehabilitation condition after: bone fracture and dislocation of joints, central paralysis and spine surgery, damage to blood vessels, etc.
  • Price for day's hospital treatment includes:
    - accommodation
    - nutrition
    - treatment and diagnostics (stress test, some laboratory analysis which are included in the price of the hospital day)
    - therapeutic procedures which are included in the price of the hospital day
  • Capacity of the Institute
    - stationarys Radon: 360 beds
    - stationarys Zelengora: 160 beds
    - stationarys Terme: 100 beds

Department for Orthopedic Surgery

Department for Orthopedic Surgery with lodging capacity of 40 beds - 30 beds for the patients from Niš Health Care Insurance Center, 5 for other regions and 5 for the therapy of pain - can realize 7003 days with patients and treatment of 736 patients, with average length of treatment 10 days, annually. 6003 days with patients and  663 treated patients from the Niš Health Care Insurance Center and 700 days with patients and 173 patients from other Health Care Insurance Centers. Out of the total number of days, there were 1862 days and 773 patients at the intensive care, at the semi-intensive care 3283 days and 253 patients and at the general care there are 1858 days and  11 patients. There are five beds for the pain therapy, and 110 patients can be treated, according to the type of general care and they realize 1186 days at the treatment.

Surgery block

 At the department for Orthopedic Surgery there is a contemporary equipped surgery amphitheater where the surgical treatment is performed:

  • Implantation of artificial hip joint, of both cement and non-cement type.
  • Artificial knee joints
  • Surgery applied in rheumatism
  • Corrective orthopedic surgical treatment
  • Mini-invasive surgical interventions – knee arthroscopy
  • Arthroscopic ligament-plastics (mini-invasive)
  • Arthroscopic synovia-ectomy (mini-invasive)

Surgical amphitheater is equipped:

  • contemporary arthroscope for mini-invasive procedures with shiver and arthro-pump
  • contemporary pneumatic kit for bone treatment
  • contemporary autoclave for both standard and quick sterilization
  • contemporary apparatus for dry sterilization
  •  Fabius apparatus for anesthesia   
  • GAMA monitor for following up vital parameters
  • defibrillator
  •  VAMOS monitor for following up the concentration of anesthetic during the anesthesia
  • neuro-stimulator for regional anesthesia
  • infusion pumps for precise dosage of medicament

During surgical treatment, the surgeon can apply general anesthesia, spinal anesthesia, perdurable anesthesia, or peripheral blocks.
During the phase of the patient preparation, who often beside the basic disease, which is supposed to be surgically treated, also suffers from many other diseases (heart disease, kidney, lungs, endocrine disease etc.) there is also contemporary laboratory, complete non-invasive cardiology diagnostics,  MRI and other contemporary diagnostic procedures, as well as both consultative and board physician's examinations by all specialists employed at the Institute.

Special convenience for surgical treatment is that at the Institute there is the ward for rehabilitation, so the patient can get a complete service, from diagnostics through qualitative and complete before surgery preparation, to well-preformed surgery treatment and rehabilitation, and all that at the same place.

As a part of the department for orthopedic surgery, there is a stationary ward for the pain therapy, as well as the cabinet for the therapy of the chronic benign pain.

Patients who suffer from chronic benign pain, who because of severe and long-lasting pain suffer severe pain and cannot perform essential life activities, are under the pain therapy; In that case, pain is no longer considered only as a symptom of some disease, but it becomes disease itself. Methods for pain overcome are also improving. For persistent and chronic pain, treatment only with medicines often is not the best solution, so at the Institute, total in fact multy-disciplinary approach is applied, which beside medicines, therapy local anesthesia also means active participation of patients in the treatment through physical exercise, relaxing techniques and change of behavior, in fact change in the regime of life which can contribute to pain reduction without serious side effects.