• Salubrity
    Hot thermal water of Niska Banja with average temperature of 37C naturally enriched with radon gas, in combination with other therapies, help with treatment: cardiovascular diseases, all forms of high blood pressure, rheumatic diseases, then it is extremelly effective in the rehabilitation condition after: bone fracture and dislocation of joints, central paralysis and spine surgery, damage to blood vessels, etc.
  • Price for day's hospital treatment includes:
    - accommodation
    - nutrition
    - treatment and diagnostics (stress test, some laboratory analysis which are included in the price of the hospital day)
    - therapeutic procedures which are included in the price of the hospital day
  • Capacity of the Institute
    - stationarys Radon: 360 beds
    - stationarys Zelengora: 160 beds
    - stationarys Terme: 100 beds


Niška Banja is 10 km in South-East from Niš, around the mouth of the river Nišava into the river South Morava. Koritnjak (808 m height above sea level), utmost West branch of the Suva mountain. raises above Niška Banja. The mid part of the spa settlement was built on the plateau on 250 m absolute height, so, the view to the valley, from this place, is marvelous. For the appearance of thermo-mineral springs, Niš, Zaplanje and Studena divides are significant. The river Nišava, at the outskirts of the Spa, had cut four terraces. On the highest terrace of 50 m of relative height (250 m absolute height) there are buildings and the park, on the terrace of 35 m there are houses of the previous village called Banja, and on the terrace of 20 m there is a part of the settlement around the school.The lowest terrace of 10 m are fields. The Spa terrain, stepwise put down from Koritnjak towards the river Nišava.
The climate of Niška Banja is moderately-continental. While the city of Niš is, during the colder half of the year, often in fog, it is bright in the Spa, and the air is fresh and clean. In summer, it is significantly sunny, but without high warmth. Breeze and the forest air bring refreshment, prevent heat and make nights pleasant. Average year temperature in Niš is 12,8°C,  and at Niška Banja it is 12,2°C. Autumn is the most pleasant season of the year, average temperature in October is 12,4°C.

Sanatorium is surrounded by the green forests, which are on over 70 hectare. The forest is of various kinds of trees that are characteristic for this climate and region, as well. Vineyards take greater area (53 hectare) than orchards (14 he). Gardens at the level of the river Nišava below the Spa are irrigated by the hot water, which flows from the Spa bath, through the main drained canal, and through the net of canals, this hot water is led to the gardens.


The Spa is connected to the city of Niš by the highway, railway and by the city bus, too. The railway and highway are the part of the main route Beograd-Niš-Sofija-Istanbul. The Spa is far from the railway station less than  1 km. Vicinity of Niš is very favorable for the development of this Spa which is at the outskirt of the city. It is 10 km far from the city, but this distance makes it free from the city noise.

Natural curative factors at Niška Banja are mild, moderately-continental climate, thermo-mineral water and natural mineral mud. Curative water, which come out from five springs ("Glavno vrelo“, "Suva Banja“, "Školska česma“, "Banjica“ and "Pasjača“), belong to the group of ground-alkaline homeotherme ( 36-38° C ), mild mineralization, with the capacity of 56 liter per second.

Health and touristic buildings are located in the park of 5 hectare area. Nearby Niška Banja there is park-forest Koritnjak, with trim paths.
Niška Banja is convenient for preparing and holding the competition of sport teams, for there are soccer fields, handball and tennis courts, hippodrome and shooting ground, as well. Attractive competitions in paragliding are also held at Niška Banja, the competitors start from the top of the mountain Koritnjak, and land at Niška Banja, but they can fly further, even to 80 km.
There are library, art gallery and open-air theater at Niška Banja, which during the summer become places of numerous happenings and manifestations called "Cultural Summer at Niška Banja".
Visitors to Niška Banja can also visit nearby cultural-history monuments such as: Mediana, Scull-tower, the fortress in Niš from the 18th century, Čegar, Memorial museum-leaguer "Red Cross", as well. It is also possible to organize tours to Sićevo gorge - attractive canyon of the river Nišava with rare flora and fauna, Jelašnička gorge - a special nature reservat, Bojanine waters and Kamenički height, popular outings and ski-centers.