• Salubrity
    Hot thermal water of Niska Banja with average temperature of 37C naturally enriched with radon gas, in combination with other therapies, help with treatment: cardiovascular diseases, all forms of high blood pressure, rheumatic diseases, then it is extremelly effective in the rehabilitation condition after: bone fracture and dislocation of joints, central paralysis and spine surgery, damage to blood vessels, etc.
  • Price for day's hospital treatment includes:
    - accommodation
    - nutrition
    - treatment and diagnostics (stress test, some laboratory analysis which are included in the price of the hospital day)
    - therapeutic procedures which are included in the price of the hospital day
  • Capacity of the Institute
    - stationarys Radon: 360 beds
    - stationarys Zelengora: 160 beds
    - stationarys Terme: 100 beds

Exercise test


Exercise test is appointed personally everyday from 9 a.m. till 2.30 p.m. at the department for Cardiovascular Diagnostics at the Institute "Niška Banja", stationary "Radon" ( at the III rd floor, room no. 302) or by the telephone call no.: 018/50-22-60 or  018/50-22-07.

For the appointment it is necessary to give personal data and the phone number, as well as the name of the specialist in internal medicine - cardiologist, from the Institute "Niška Banja", who has indicated the test. The Cabinet is at the department for Cardiovascular diagnostics at the Institute "Niška Banja", stationary "Radon" ( at the III rd floor, room no. 307).


At coming to the examination it is necessary to bring:

  • health insurance policy
  • identification document
  • medical report of the specialist in internal medicine - cardiologist from the Institute "Niška Banja" who has indicated the test
  • prescription from the general practitioner, from the Health Center
  • medical documentation (ECHO, SE, blood analysis...)
  • ECG at rest and all previous ECG records

The objective of the exercise test is to examine the patient's heart and its following characteristics:

  • its strength as the blood pump
  • passing through its arteries
  • tendency to rhythm disorders  and difficulties in passing
  • range of the blood pressure during the exercise test

For the regular performance of the exercise test, your agreement as well as your sincere cooperation are necessary. Exercise test is performed on the demand of the competent specialist in internal medicine or cardiologist.
there are some rules that patients should follow:

  • 24 hours before the test, avoid hard physical work, and the night before the test spend in rest and good sleep
  • you should not smoke cigarettes before the exercise test
  • drinking coffee, tea or alcoholic drinks is not recommended
  • light meal 1-2 hours before the test is recommended
  • medicines that you take regularly, do not miss, except something else is suggested by your cardiologist
  • during the examination the patient should be CALM and his/her clothing should be the most comfortable one.
  • measure your body weight and height

Before getting in to the Cabinet, put your cellular phone off.
Medical report is issued immediately after the test.