• Salubrity
    Hot thermal water of Niska Banja with average temperature of 37C naturally enriched with radon gas, in combination with other therapies, help with treatment: cardiovascular diseases, all forms of high blood pressure, rheumatic diseases, then it is extremelly effective in the rehabilitation condition after: bone fracture and dislocation of joints, central paralysis and spine surgery, damage to blood vessels, etc.
  • Price for day's hospital treatment includes:
    - accommodation
    - nutrition
    - treatment and diagnostics (stress test, some laboratory analysis which are included in the price of the hospital day)
    - therapeutic procedures which are included in the price of the hospital day
  • Capacity of the Institute
    - stationarys Radon: 360 beds
    - stationarys Zelengora: 160 beds
    - stationarys Terme: 100 beds

Congress Tourism


The Institute "Niska Banja“ has all conveniences for organizing congress tourism.
There is amphitheater at the "Radon" stationary, the capacity is 300 seats with contemporary technique equipment, plenum hall, capacity 60 seats, as well as smaller rooms and saloons for various business meetings.


Contemporary equipment: simultaneous translation (technically supported, English or any other language). PC, video projector, laser pointer, projection screen , wireless microphones, loud speaker,  technical support, wireless internet in the rooms and amphitheater, possibility of the direct transmission of the course of the surgical intervention from the surgery amphitheater at "Zelengira" stationary – to amphitheater at “Radon”.
During congresses and seminars, the participants are provided with lodging at the Institute stationarys as well as food supply, (cocktails , preparing and serving food) as well as organizing of both lunch and dinner parties.


The participants have free use of the swimming pool with thermomineral water, as well as contemporary equipped wellness center.

Referential list of clients:

  • International Congress of Herniologists SCG
  • Serbian Physician's Association Department for Surgery
  • The Institute for Economy and Finance, Beograd
  • Consecutive Conference of cities and town halls of Serbia
  • Institute "Josip Pancic"
  • The Chamber of Biochemists, Serbia
  • Seminar Union of Constructors, Serbia
  • Biz Buzz – Web content
  • Urology section
  • Institute for Public Health – Medicine for employees
  • Urban Institute Srbija
  • Serbian Physician's Association Department for Radiology
  • "Fabus" –Novi Sad
  • "Horvat" consulting, Zagreb
  • Roche
  • Pharma Swiss
  • Actavis
  • UNDP

Marketing Department of the Institute "Niška Banja“
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