• Salubrity
    Hot thermal water of Niska Banja with average temperature of 37C naturally enriched with radon gas, in combination with other therapies, help with treatment: cardiovascular diseases, all forms of high blood pressure, rheumatic diseases, then it is extremelly effective in the rehabilitation condition after: bone fracture and dislocation of joints, central paralysis and spine surgery, damage to blood vessels, etc.
  • Price for day's hospital treatment includes:
    - accommodation
    - nutrition
    - treatment and diagnostics (stress test, some laboratory analysis which are included in the price of the hospital day)
    - therapeutic procedures which are included in the price of the hospital day
  • Capacity of the Institute
    - stationarys Radon: 360 beds
    - stationarys Zelengora: 160 beds
    - stationarys Terme: 100 beds

The Clinic for Rheumatology

The Clinic for Rheumatology is a highly specialized and contemporary equipped Health Care Institution, which  deals with prevention, diagnostics and treatment of rheumatic diseases (inflammatory rheumatism, systemic diseases of the connective tissue, degenerative, out joint and metabolic rheumatism) as well as with scientific research work.
Specialized polyclinic and hospital health care activity in the field of rheumatic diseases is carried out at hospital wards  (I  and II hospital ward) and at the semi-intensive care as well as at the specialized dept. There are 28 beds at the I st hospital ward, and  23 beds at the II nd hospital ward, and  5 beds at the PIN dept., as well.

As parts of the Clinic for Rheumatology, cabinets for osteo-densitometry, muscle skeletal ultrasound, capillaroscopy, magnet resonance and diagnostic-therapy intra-articular punctuation, are very successful.

 At the clinic for Rheumatology, the patients are admitted, examined and treated; everyday visits ( education of patients, monitoring of subjective difficulties and objective state, as well as monitoring of the effects and correction of the therapy); work at all diagnostic, therapeutic, and rehabilitation procedures at the clinic, functional diagnostics and cabinets, as well as  introducing new methods  in diagnostics and treatment of patients, conciliar and consultative examinations, scientific  improvement and education in Serbia and abroad in the field of internal medicine and rheumatology, as well as presentation of knew knowledge and personal investigation at scientific meetings of the physicians from the Institute; scientific-research work; (Master and PhD studies, scientific-investigation projects); education of physicians on both physician's and specialized probation through case report and written papers; work in the board of physicians for sending patients in Health Institutions out of the Health Care Insurance Center for the region of the city of Niš.

The Clinic is equipped with the contemporary equipment for non-invasive diagnostics, such as computerized bone mass densitometer, stereo capillaroscope , magnet- resonant scener, as well as ultrasound apparatus for joint examination.
In the treatment of these diseases, the most contemporary therapy protocols are applied, they also include  the administration of biological medications.

The Clinic has a long tradition in both examining and treating patients with rheumatic diseases, that enables quick and on time established diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematous, systemic sclerosis, Sjogren syndrome, inflammatory muscle and blood vessels diseases, degenerative rheumatic diseases (coxarthrosis. gonarthrosis,  hands osteoarthrosis), osteoporosis, gout, etc.
The Clinic for Rheumatology is also a teaching basis for Medical faculty, University of Niš, for internal medicine, the field of rheumatology and balneoclimatology, as well.